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Spacious Bathroom Vanities for Brisbane Students

Increased demand for on-campus housing has put your university in a bind. While you want to provide accommodation for your students, building and furnishing costs are more than the university is prepared to finance. Instead, you have decided to convert single-occupancy units into doubles. Get premium bathroom vanity units for Brisbane university housing at the most affordable rates when you work with Great Interior Designs.

We source much of our range locally so that you pay low prices and can pass the savings off to residing students. Students will appreciate the ability to utilise extra storage with a bathroom vanity with sink in their Brisbane on-campus housing. We provide options that connect utility with a modern style—perfect for the vibrant youthful atmosphere of university housing.

Struggles in Student Accommodations

Being away at university can be difficult. While many exciting things are happening, it’s still easy to miss home. One way to combat this problem is to provide housing that is home-like and comfortable. Don’t settle for generic options that turn on-campus housing into bland, low-quality eye-sores. Furnish housing with practical and stylish items you would see in a regular home and create a feel that your students will love to call home.

We offer a wide variety of top-quality bathroom vanities. Brisbane students benefit from extra storage they can use for toiletries or belongings. They also benefit from having a piece of the housing unit that is all their own. When adding an extra person into a space previously established for one, you should utilise any chance at extra storage space. Our creative bathroom consultants are professional designers who have their fingers on the pulse of modern décor. We are committed to crafting solutions for any renovation need. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust us to develop unique fixtures that are made to measure and optimises the space allotted. Our bathroom vanities with sinks for your Brisbane campus housing are of the highest quality. Premium-quality materials are durable and best suited to serve your future residents for many years.

Custom Bathroom Vanity Units in Brisbane On-Campus Housing

Browse bathroom vanity sinks at our Brisbane showroom and talk to our skilled designers for ideas and a free quote. We feature top brands such as Fienza, Kohler and Arto and focus on various materials and finishes for our custom hardware. We’re happy to discuss the specifics of space allotment and intended utility. Then, we’ll either suggest options from our selection of bathroom vanities available in Brisbane or create a custom design that caters to your space limitations.

Our designers help you create a look that is practical, maximises space, and ties into the style already established in the housing unit. Great Interior Designs creates bathroom vanity units for Brisbane that provide each of your students with their own private bathroom space. Come and visit us today and allow us to give you some great ideas of how to create fantastic student accommodation that doesn’t break the budget.