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At Great Indoor Designs, our cabinetry & interior designers specialise in kitchen renovations, high quality kitchens using the latest designs and trends at affordable prices.

Our designers also specialise in the design of wardrobes, laundries, bathroom vanities, home office & entertainment units.

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Visit our Kitchen Showroom at 1578 Logan Road, (Cnr Broadwater Rd & Logan Rd) Mount Gravatt East, to see the latest product range, features and design styles.

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Visit a Kitchen Showroom before you buy & compare quality!

How can two kitchens look identical, but come at drastically different prices?

When getting quotes for your new kitchen, take a close look at the quality of the kitchen cabinets etc.

Before long cheap kitchen cabinets can start to cause problems!

Why you should let Great Indoor Designs build your new kitchen!

  • 22+ years experience designing kitchens as a family owned company
  • Great quality at an affordable price
  • Free consultation with professional interior & cabinetry designers
  • Use of high quality materials & construction, built to last
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

Kitchen Designers Brisbane
Custom Made Kitchen – Manufactured in Brisbane

Great Indoor Designs employs cabinetry & interior designers

Apart from designing your dream kitchen, our kitchen designers can also design your wardrobes, laundries, home office and custom cabinetry.

Visit our Showroom for the latest kitchens trends, technologies and design possibilities.

The kitchen designer listens to your needs and specific requirements and then design a beautiful, practical kitchen that suits your family’s lifestyle.

The relationship with your kitchen designer doesn’t end after your design consultation. They will be there to hold your hand and guide you through the entire kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

Custom Kitchen Designs Brisbane

Custom Designed Made-To-Measure Kitchen Cabinets

Having your new kitchen cabinets custom designed means that your new kitchen will be one of a kind, the kitchen cabinets will be manufactured perfectly to suit the kitchen space you have available.

The cabinets that make up each new kitchen, are individually manufactured locally in Brisbane to fit your available space and appliances perfectly, providing you with total design flexibility.

The benefits of custom made-to-measure cabinets are you can have the exact cabinets you desire in your kitchen and no wasted space.

Don’t lose half your kitchen storage with gap fillers!

Kitchen Designers Brisbane

Kitchen Designers Brisbane

Custom Designed – Made to Measure Kitchen

Before the renovation begins, think about the good & bad points of your old kitchen

There is no point having a fancy new kitchen if it’s uncomfortable and annoying to use.

So when designing your layout, consider the way you live:

  • Does one person do all the cooking or is the whole family keen to serve gastronomic feasts?
  • Do you need big-scale appliances? – if you love inviting friends and family for lunches or dinners, this may be essential.
  • Do you need extra pantry space to store all those kitchen gadgets?
  • Do you need a wider bench so you can prep, while your kids do their homework?
  • Do you plan to expand in the future – you may have more children, or your elderly parents may move in one day, so more cupboard space and a larger fridge are required.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating, we know the importance of taking time to:

  • Discuss your ideas
  • Take full & detailed measurements
  • Show you materials & colours
  • Plan lighting & accessories
  • Explore accessible storage solutions

Visit our kitchen showroom at Mount Gravatt to view the range of products & materials, doors, storage solutions, bench-tops, handles and accessories available.

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Kitchen Designs

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