We specialise in ARTO, FIENZA, & CASTANO Bathroom Collections providing practical, stylish bathroom accessories & fittings that complement your lifestyle, delivering efficiency & beauty to your bathrooms.

Bathroom Accessories & Fittings are an essential, but often overlooked component of the bathroom. More than just practical, accessories & fittings come in a variety of designs and styles to allow you to create the look you want while fulfilling all your functional needs.

The final touches of your bathroom renovation are accentuated with your choice of bathroom accessories & fittings.

Functionality and style should be highly considered when purchasing your fittings.

Bathroom accessories & fittings are the cheapest and most effective way of giving your current bathroom a revamp. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest impact.

If you are looking for bathroom accessories or fittings, we will have something to meet your specific needs.

Accessories are for display purposes only and are not included unless specifically nominated. Prices may vary due to various factors including but not limited to freight, packaging and insurance.

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