Today’s Toilet Suites have certainly stepped up in terms of style, shape, comfort and water efficiency.

These days, all new toilet suites should be water efficient, so the only real choice to make is the style. Wall facing toilet suites butt up against tiles from the top of the cistern to the foot of the pan creating a flush line, no dust traps, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Overview of the Toilet Suite types:

Concealed Toilets – The cistern (or tank) is hidden inside the wall cavity, ceiling or under counter – leaving only the toilet pan to be seen. This style of toilet is very modern in design and takes up little space in your bathroom – perfect if you are working with a smaller bathroom.

Wall Faced Toilet Suites – The back of the pan sits flush against the wall, meaning there are no gaps between the toilet and the wall at all. This is a solid unit and creates a bold look in your bathroom. Due to no gaps between the toilet and the wall, it is easier to clean.

Close-Coupled Toilets – The pan and cistern are joined together so you cannot see the flush pipe. This type of toilet suite is a very traditional look and suits all types of bathrooms.

Connector Toilet Suites – This toilet suite is the most traditional looking toilet with the cistern joined to the pan by a plastic flush pipe and connector plate. It provides the greatest amount of flexibility for installation.